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The IMPERA is unique to the market, as no other log stove has attained an efficiency of > 90 %. This is the work of a specially designed combustion chamber system and the newly developed RIKA Powerstone.

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Special features

Special features of the IMPERA

RIKA Powerstone

The newly developed RIKA Powerstone stores heat for you in a similar way to a tiled stove for up to 24 hours.

RIKA single-hand control

Regulate your stove simply and conveniently, at an ergonomic height, with the single-hand control.

Ambient air-independent

A stove requires approx. 20 m³ of fresh air per hour. With balanced flue stoves, the air can be drawn in from outside. This is necessary above all in well insulated rooms.

Product information

Product information

  • Dimensions
    1704 x 520 x 451 [mm]
  • Room heating capacity
    70 - 160 m³
  • Thermal mass
    280 kg
  • Output
    3.0 - 6.0 kW
  • RLS system
  • Single handed operation
  • Balanced flue
  • Energy efficiency class

IMPERA - designer woodburning stove with high efficiency

With the IMPERA model, Austrian stove specialist RIKA has set a new standard for thermal storage in log stoves. RIKA engineers working in the company's own research laboratory have developed a completely new thermal storage medium. This "heat battery" has a storage capacity nearly twice as high as that of soapstone, for example. Before the heat can escape unused through the chimney, it is directed into the heat storage block by 16 charging ducts. This permits the block to be heated uniformly and, above all, more quickly. With just eight to nine kilograms of wood, the heat store can be heated to about 200 degrees in only five hours, with the energy being released continuously back into the home as long lasting radiant heat.

RIKA's range of woodburning stoves includes many other models as well as the IMPERA designer woodburning stove. Find your individual woodburning stove

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RIKA benefits


Take note of the inner values: A RIKA stove enhances your living room with both its design and its style, and impresses with highest quality and state of the art technology.

Innovative RIKA benefits
„Your stove; my passion.“
Karl Riener, owner of RIKA
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