Traditional woodburning stoves and tiled stoves still keep up with the trend today. The RIKA heating inserts will breathe new life into your old stove or woodburning stove. They include the latest stove technology: High efficiency, programmable heating times and continuous heat output are just a few of the advantages of using a modern heating insert.

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RIKA heating inserts with pellet technology

If you want to continue to use your woodburning stove for years to come, RIKA offers the ideal solution for you in the form of its modern heating inserts.

The inserts, which have been developed in accordance with the newest heating technology, are directly inserted into the body of your tiled stove or installed in your open woodburning stove. The woodburning stove or installation only has to be adapted. Thereby, your stove will appear the same on the outside, but receive the newest technology on the inside. So you can continue to enjoy the special flair of your living space.

What you need to know about heating inserts

Fuelled by pellets

Pellets are gained from untreated wood and possess a high heat value thanks to their extremely low water content. The fuel is available at retailers in bags of 10-15 kg and is filled directly into the pellet container. The size of the container varies by model between approx. 20-50 kg. The pellet consumption varies depending on the size of the room and the frequency of use.

Unlike woodburning stoves fuelled by logs, the pellet supply for this stove is fully automatic. Without the need to manually replenish, pellet inserts are very easy to operate.

Operating the stove

In the case of pellet heating inserts, the stove is operated via a modern touch display, which also allows heating times and other parameters to be entered. On top of this, two further add-ons can be purchased: the RIKA Warm App (GSM module) and the RIKA firenet (WLAN module). An optional room sensor also allows a fully automatic control of the room temperature.


Advantages of modern heating inserts

A heating insert allows an existing woodburning stove or tiled stove to remain the same on the outside, but receive the newest technology on the inside. Apart from compliance with current legal regulations, you will benefit from a high ease of operation and high efficiency.

  • Very easy to operate
  • Heating with less impact on the environment
  • Constant heat output

Overview of Benefits


Very easy to operate: Controlling the heating output continuously via touch display. Setting the heating times allows you to heat the living space even when you are not at home. So you can immediately feel the warmth when you arrive back home. Using pellets as fuel also adds the benefits of a fully automatic combustion process and ease of operation without manual replenishing.

Heating with less impact on the environment: Pellets are gained from untreated wood remains. The use of a renewable raw material like wood makes it possible to use a pellet insert ecologically sustainable. 

Constant heat output: Compared to woodburning stoves fuelled by logs, pellet inserts impress with a constant and precisely controllable heat output as well as a significantly higher efficiency. Although woodburning stoves start on a high, the performance quickly dwindles. The continuously variable screw motor ensures quiet operating and allows for a calming atmosphere.