Every individual RIKA stove combines the warmth and sheer pleasure of an original Swedish stove with the very latest innovations.

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The origin of the Swedish stove

The term ‘Swedish stove’ conjures up images of long nights in front of a warm flickering fire. It makes it clear that this heating device originally came from Scandinavia. That’s because the winters are so long there, and as Scandinavia is a very forested region, wood has always been in plentiful supply as a fuel source. These two very practical reasons were vital in the initial development of the Swedish stove - but over the course of time, along with its practical heating purpose, the stove developed its very own culture. This is also reflected in language. The Norwegians have their own word for sitting cosily by the fireplace: peiskos. And the Icelanders like to sit late into the night in front of the fire and tell stories - they call this kvöldvaka.

A traditional stove reinvented

RIKA has reinvented this traditional stove. Since its foundation over 60 years ago, RIKA is constantly working on making technical refinements to high-quality products. Every RIKA stove is a revolutionary combination of timelessness and contemporary design. The fire at home has been fascinating people for millennia, after all, providing warmth and a feeling of safety. The quest is on for individuality, innovation and perfection. Issues such as sustainability and environmental protection, in which RIKA has long taken a leading role, have become more important today than ever. Wood is – as it has been for centuries in Scandinavia - a local and very sustainable product. Because wood emits only as much CO2 when burned as the tree has absorbed during its growth, it acts as a carbon-neutral fuel source. Through decades of research and by fine-tuning technical details, RIKA has succeeded in making the stove even more efficient and economical, so that both the environment and the purse strings can gain further relief.

From a steel furnace to a designer item

In contrast to the traditional Swedish stove, consisting usually only of the steel frame, the modern fireplace is often clad with stones or ceramics, and is therefore visually very versatile. At RIKA, great value is placed on the stove not only boasting technical perfection: as a high-quality designer item it also makes a statement in the living room. Natural stones (soapstone, sandstone, or white stone) enjoy especially great popularity because they exude a simple, natural beauty and at the same time store heat well. Every stove is as individual as its owner. You can experiment with the different variations with the stove configurator and discover yourself how the choice of cladding can fundamentally change the stove’s character.


Just like with the original Swedish stoves in Scandinavia, wood is today still very popular to use as a natural fuel. It is very easily obtainable for many, especially in rural areas, and ensures an intimate atmosphere in the living room. Who can resist the hot cracking and crackling of burning firewood? Firewood is particularly highly regarded for its uniquely harmonic flames.

Wooden log stoves from RIKA combine this natural beauty and comfort with the very latest technology, and are characterised by their efficient and easy use. Some models can be combined with Rikatronicᶟ and RIKATRONIC4 technology, which offer full automisation in every heating step, as an optional extra. This provides the traditional stove with all technical refinements that pellet stoves previously had to go without, guarantees maximum comfort and perfects the entire heating process.

When compared to incorrect use, the Rikatronic can reduce wood consumption by an average of 50%. The IDEA woodburning stove combines the unique RIKATRONIC4 with a further RIKA innovation, the MultiAir system: allowing the stove to heat up to two additional rooms with connecting pipes.

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Pellet stoves are the perfect choice for those who would like to sit back and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of a Swedish stove with every possible ease and convenience. While a traditional woodburning stove is operated manually, from stoking it to adding wood, the pellet stove is powered by electricity and can be easily switched on or off at the push of a button.

Because the pellets are transported automatically by the pellet container into the combustion chamber, there is no need to manually add them. The heat output can also be easily adjusted. The oven automatically regulates the exact air supply required and helps make for a particularly economical and effective heating process in which the calorific value of the pellets is fully utilised. As well as wooden logs, pellets, which come from scrapwood, are a climate-friendly CO2-neutral fuel. Pellet stoves from Rika are available in different designs, from the classic Swedish stove to exclusive designer items. The ROCO and DOMO models are also available with the optional MultiAir system that can heat up to two additional rooms.

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The INDUO combi stove is the perfect model for all those who don’t want to miss out on anything. It offers the harmonious natural fire typical of wooden log stoves, but at the same time it can also be easily adapted to a fully automatic pellet mode, and vice versa.

The fuel can even be changed while burning. The INDUO naturally recognises the type of fuel supplied and automatically switches to the appropriate mode. Equipped with Rikatronic technology, it automatically regulates the air supply in both woodburning and pellet mode, and is guaranteed to heat efficiently whatever the case.

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