Woodburning stove


Perfect warmth from any perspective.

An all-round success: The unique design of the TWIST allows it to fit anywhere. With the optional turntable, you can enjoy the sight of flickering flames from any direction.

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  • Pineapple
  • Champagne
  • Terracotta
  • Dark anthracite
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Special features

Special features of the TWIST


With the rotating stove, you can see the flickering flames at all times.

Round design

Extraordinary, space saving design with no corners or edges for your living space.

Ambient air-independent

A stove requires approx. 20 m³ of fresh air per hour. With balanced flue stoves, the air can be drawn in from outside. This is necessary above all in well insulated rooms.

Product information

Product information

  • Dimensions
    1109 x 500 x 500 [mm]
  • Room heating capacity
    90 - 210 m³
  • Output
    4.0 - 8.0 kW
  • RLS system
  • Balanced flue
  • Rotating
  • Energy efficiency class

TWIST woodburning stove - round & rotating for maximum individuality

Everything revolves around comfort with the TWIST woodburning stove, not just because it is round, but also because it can rotate. While most stoves have potentially awkward corners and edges, the round TWIST stove fits easily where a square stove might not. The TWIST woodburning stove can therefore also fit into a small living room. The TWIST provides top quality of living, all-round pleasant warmth and maximum individuality.

RIKA's range of woodburning stoves includes many other models as well as the TWIST. Find your individual woodburning stove

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RIKA benefits


Take note of the inner values: A RIKA stove enhances your living room with both its design and its style, and impresses with highest quality and state of the art technology.

Innovative RIKA benefits
„Your stove; my passion.“
Karl Riener, owner of RIKA
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